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Brand Statement

A Honda Goes Beyond

We aim to connect with brand enthusiasts and a new generation of customers by showcasing Honda values of offering Innovative and Futuristic Technology products. Every Honda car is designed keeping superior customer experience at the core, to help people make their lives better today and into future. Honda shows how it is forever determined to meet and exceed the expectations of customers.

The concept of the campaign is deeply rooted in customer insight. Honda understands that before buying a car, people go through the loop of exploration and evaluation. They are overwhelmed with anticipation, reviews, comparisons, recommendations. The exploration is not about buying alone but also service, ownership and maintenance. They have a lot of expectation from the brands.

Honda promises to go the extra mile to make sure that every Honda journey is a joy and delight for its customers. And this goes much beyond just the drive, the engineering and the cars. It is a commitment to every side of the ownership experience. Honda fulfills all expectations, delighting the customer at every touchpoint throughout their relationship and therefore "A Honda Goes Beyond".

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Power of Dreams

At Honda, we believe in the Power of Dreams. Dreams bring joy to people and challenge the spirit to grow and discover new horizons. We delight in seeing the smiles on people’s faces when their dreams come to life. It fuels our passion and gives us courage to take the initiative to develop new ideas and continue to share joy with our customers and society.