How to Connect and Use Android AutoTM

Wirelessly connect your AndroidTM smart phone to use apps via the vehicle’s Touchscreen Display Audio.

  1. On Android 9.0 and earlier phones, the Android AutoTM app must be downloaded on Google Play.
  2. To connect wirelessly: Press “Setting”
  3. Touch “Device List”
  4. Touch “Connect New device” and follow paring procedure.
  5. Check Android Auto box or touch “YES”.
  6. Accept connection on phone
  7. Complete the Android Auto tutorial while safely parked.
  8. To display the Android Auto menu screen, touch the Android Auto icon.
  9. Touch the Maps icon to display Google Maps and use navigation features.
  10. Note that the keyboard can’t be used while moving.
  11. To make and receive phone calls, touch the Phone icon.
  12. To activate Google Assistant on Android Auto, start by saying “Hey Google”.
  13. To activate Google Assistant on Android Auto by voice, press the steering-wheel TALK button.
  14. To activate Google Assistant on Android Auto, you can also touch the microphone icon on the car display.
  15. To exit Android Auto, touch the Honda icon.
  16. To connect by cable: Plug cable that came with your smartphone into USB port with 3-pronged icon, Then touch “YES” on screen.
  17. For more information, visit www.android.com/auto.
  18. See Owner’s Manual for more details.