Dust and Pollen Filter

Using an air freshener may reduce the deodorizing effect of the dust and pollen filter, and may reduce its life.

If the airflow from the heating and cooling system*/climate control system* deteriorates noticeably, and the windows fog up easily, the filter may need to be replaced.

The dust and pollen filter collects pollen, dust, and other debris in the air.

If you are not sure how to replace the dust and pollen filter, have it replaced by a dealer.

When to Replace the Dust and Pollen Filter

Replace the dust and pollen filter according to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. It is recommended to replace the filter even sooner if the vehicle has been driven in a dusty environment.

How to Replace the Dust and Pollen Filter

  1. Open the glove box.
  1. Disengage the two tabs by pushing on each side panel.
  2. Pivot the glove box out of the way.
  1. Push in the tabs on the corners of the filter case cover, and remove it.
  1. Remove the filter from the case.
  2. Install a new filter in the case.
    • Put the AIR FLOW arrow directed side down.

* Not available on all models