Changing the Front Wiper Blade Rubber

  1. Lift the driver side wiper arm first, then the passenger side.
  1. Push the lock tab in, then slide the blade from the wiper arm.
  1. Slide the wiper blade out from its holder by pulling the tabbed end out.
  1. Remove the retainers from the rubber blade that has been removed, and mount to a new rubber blade.
    • Correctly align the rubber protrusion and the retainer grooves.
  2. Slide the new wiper blade onto the holder from the bottom end.
    • The tab on the holder should fit in the indent of the wiper blade.
  3. Slide the wiper blade onto the wiper arm securely.
  4. Lower the passenger side wiper arm first, then the driver side.

Avoid dropping the wiper arm; it may damage the windscreen.