Regulations & Principles

1. Definitions

  • a. The Event - The [India Innovate – Wheels to Fly] program is being organized by Juana Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 6 states DELHI, HIMACHAL PRADESH, HARYANA, UTTRAKHAND, UTTAR PRADESH, PUNJAB
  • b. Organizer - [Juana Technology PVT LTD], having its registered in 3rd Floor, C73, DDA, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi – 20]

2. Additional provisions and information

  • a. The official event website of the HCIL about the initiative is: http://www.indiainnovate.in/

3. Terms and conditions of participation

  • a. The participant registration & execution of the event, is solely organized by the Juana Technologies
  • b. Only students from class IV to X from registered schools are permitted to participate.
  • c. In the event of certain circumstances that are beyond reasonable control of Juana Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the HCIL reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the Competition and/or the Rules without notice and such amendments or changes will be posted on the India Innovate website (www.indiainnovate.in). Participants / entrants are requested to keep themselves abreast of the latest information posted on the website and the responsibility to do so will be in the hands of the participants/ entrants
  • e. HCIL reserves the right to make the final decision which is indisputable and there shall be no correspondence, discussions, comments issued or reason given by the Juana Technologies in the event of a dispute or disagreement in terms of the Rules, conduct or results of the Competition or any other aspect of the Competition.
  • f. The HCIL reserves a right to modify the agenda for reasons beyond its control. The HCIL shall not be held liable in any way for damages vis-à-vis the Participants in such event.
  • g. The decision of any and all jury members either individually or collectively or both shall be final and binding on all participants.
  • h. The Juana Technologies reserves a right to alter the event date for reasons beyond its control. In such event, Participants shall have a right to cancel their participation. The HCIL shall not be responsible for covering any additional expenses of the Participants made in association with the event.

4. Permission to use image/video

  1. During the event, the Juana Technologies may arrange photo sessions and may film the course of the event for the purposes of broadcasting in the media (TV, radio, Internet, press) or for the purposes of documentation, marketing, or advertising for the Juana or other parties named by the Juana. By participating in the event Participants give their implicit permission for the recording, use an/or dissemination by the Juana, parties related to it of each Participant’s image, voice, expression in any promotional and marketing materials without limitation of time or territory.
  2. This permission means specifically that photo, video and audio recordings taken during the events (School races, regional races and/or national finale) may be placed on the event website or, all the sponsors’ website about the program as well as used in marketing materials, including by dissemination in audio or video formats. The Participants hereby wave any claims (existing or future), including for compensation from the Juana for such use of their image, voice or expression for the purposes defined hereunder.

5. Liability

  1. 1. The HCIL (Sponsors of India Innovate – wheels to fly program) is not responsible for any damage, loss, injury (other than our liability for personal injury or death as a result of our negligence) or disappointment of any kind incurred by a participant/ entrant while entering in or during the Competition.
  2. 2. The HCIL will not be held responsible for technical/ computer errors in the event of lost entries or damages or delays in the post due to errors in transit that are beyond the control of the Organization

6. Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection

  1. 1. You acknowledge and agree that Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd (and any third party authorised by Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd) may use your Entry (winning or not) for any promotional purpose (for example, placing it on the India Innovate and all the sponsors’ website or on any poster, leaflet or other advertising media including online promotions). You confirm that your Entry is original and that you own and have the right to license to Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Entry for the purposes referred to in these Rules. You will retain ownership of copyright in your Entry but you give Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd (and any third party authorised by Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd) your irreversible authorization/ consent to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit, copy, amend, store, sell and sub-licence your Entry worldwide for such promotional purposes and for the purposes of the Competition.
  2. 2. The HCIL reserves the right to use any personal information provided by you in your Entry with the consent you have provided for the purpose of the Competition and for marketing purposes including the distribution of regular email updates or newsletters. Any personal information relating to entrants will be used solely by us in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
  3. 3. All Prize-winners unreservedly agree (as a condition of accepting any prize) to: (a) the use of their name, one or more photographs of themselves and disclosure of their State of residence (if such Prize-winner is resident within India) or country of residence (if such Prize-winner is resident outside India); and (b) co-operate with or participate in any other reasonable post-Competition publicity.

7. Final provisions

  • The Juana Technologies (and event sponsors) reserve the right to use the email address specified when registering for the event to send notifications to Participants of the event, including about changes in the event programme or the Regulations

8. The Juana Technologies reserves the right to make changes in the Regulations. Upon an announcement by the Juana of any changes to the Regulations, each Participant registered for the event should immediately read such changes.

9. The Juana Technologies can be contacted via electronic mail at info@juanatech.com

10. Any disputes arising in relation to the event participation shall be decided by courts with jurisdiction for the Juana Technologies.

11. The HCIL shall not be liable whatsoever for the Participants’ property that may be lost, destroyed or stolen during the event

12. By registering, Participants accept these Regulations.

Race To The Line

Race to the line is the largest team-based competition  wherein students learn to design, build & race rocket model cars. Teams develop, apply and master their understanding of the laws of motion, forces, aerodynamics and coding as part of the competition. The students are divided in two sets of classes 6th to 8th & that of classes 9th & 10th, each team consisting of four students.

  • The top two teams of the school from each set, proceed further to represent their school at the Regional Level.
  • The top four performing teams and the team with the best popular design, moves to the National Finale in Delhi.

Race to the Line

Students of classes 6th to 10th will be testing ideas and refining designs to build the fastest rocket car using the concepts of Aerodynamics, Speed & Motion.